Building a pool of dedicated seafarers, loyal to the company and its fleet begins with inducting and grooming cadets under the stewardship of a manager that understands the client’s long-term business goals


Owners who build a cadet corps acknowledge that there is a qualitative difference between randomly employing new crew and long-term human assets

Navmar specializes in developing a cadet pipeline from different markets and dovetailing it into the manning pool of its clients. Maritime schools and colleges do not always guarantee practical training opportunities for their students even when they offer a progressive curriculum and excellent teaching facilities. Over the last two decades, we have established and built meaningful working relationships with several maritime academies to help plug this gap by giving us easy access to talented students interested in a sailing career. All cadets are carefully selected and the induction programme offers a high rate of retention by focusing on students who have a genuine interest in a maritime career. We have also established ourselves as a valuable agency in the recruitment market which ensures a steady supply of meritorious cadets.

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A cadet program ensures loyalty and lifelong commitment for owners and operators. When cadets become officers, they form the core of the most ardent loyalists and consistent performers in that crew pool. We believe such an investment in the long run brings the highest returns in terms of reputation as a desired employer.

Navmar Cadet Induction Box
Cadet Induction

Navmar promotes a pro-active cadet induction policy with the aim of protecting our clients from the persistent crew shortages and officer migrations that affect our business. Seafarers are prone to mass migration towards better opportunities. Cadets are our most important component of ensuring continuity in shipboard operations and inculcating lifelong dedication to the fleet and the owner.