Re-skilling of crew at every level is our guarantee to clients dealing with the disruption of new technology and a global shift towards cleaner fuel


Giving people the knowhow to remain relevant during an era of rapid change, while getting ready for the emerging challenges of low carbon shipping

Shipping enters an era of tumultuous change in which those who go slow embracing new technology and transformation could be left behind. To adopt the changes and put them into practice will require a new mindset as well as skillset. At the same time, the best practices developed over the last four decades of third-party management cannot be discarded altogether. These will have to be kept in perspective while gradually enabling the changes that best suit each individual organization. Our expertise is to ensure that the training packages we design help our people remain a step ahead of the learning curve while delivering superior knowhow to clients at no extra cost.

Navmar Training 1


Navmar works with several top-tier education and training institutions in Europe and Asia to work with state of the art instruction facilities and build continuous learning programmes for our officers, as well as bespoke training modules and simulator-based competency evaluation tests for clients.

Navmar Crew Management Training Box

As requirements change and new regulations come into play, seafarers need to be prepared for continuous upskilling. Our goal is a lifelong learning programme for our crew in which knowledge and skill receive equal weightage. We are committed to providing our people with every opportunity to pursue personal growth.