Recruiting the right people at the right time and reducing vacancy fill-up time with every new hire is what underpins our commitment to source the best talent for our clients

Pooling Talent

Navmar puts together seafaring teams carefully sourced from different markets to deliver cost and operational efficiency for all types of vessels

Our crew manning operations are flexible and geared towards providing our vessels, clients and partners with the best possible skillset, keeping in mind their operational and budget requirements. Not only do we have decades of experience in handling large crew pools for different clients, but we are equally adept at providing short-term one-off riding teams and technicians for onboard installation, repairs and maintenance assignments. We recruit hundreds of talented seafarers on behalf of clients while simultaneously managing crew planning and rotation for vessels of every class. Our manning services are STCW and MLC 2006 compliant and all personnel have the necessary certification for their rank and engagement.

Navmar Crewing 1


Our crew mobilization efforts are focused on providing tailor-made services to clients for their manning requirements, drawing from a team of dedicated recruitment agencies worldwide. Our packages range from full and limited manning for individual vessels up to independent crew management for the entire fleet.


Navmar ensures a smooth flow of qualified seafarers with rank and fleet experience to fit all types of vessels by deploying a robust selection procedure responsive to the cost and operational considerations of clients. Such practices lend a competitive edge and greater degree of certainty in fleet operations.