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Intelligently navigating the ebb and flow of global geopolitics and the subsequent fluctuation in energy prices to consistently create and deliver exceptional value for clients and stakeholders

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Navmar is a leading provider of chartering services for the oil and gas industry, specialized in arranging transportation of gasoline, diesel, and other petroleum products on all major maritime routes. With a deep knowledge of the shipping industry and unwavering commitment to superior customer experience, we are in a confident position to provide our clients with a wide range of customized solutions for their specific requirements. Navmar’s chartering department leverages accurate and timely market intelligence and long-term industry relationships to understand the challenges our customers face and works closely with them to ensure their cargo is shipped safely and cost-effectively.

Oil products at the heart of Navmar’s commodities trading interests

Navmar’s commodity trading business revolves around moving high quality petroleum products along reliable, efficient and secure supply chains, allowing us to offer competitive prices and exceptional customer service to a solid network of buyers and suppliers. We trade in a wide range of oil products, including gasoline, diesel, LPG, and aviation fuel, and have established ourselves as a trustworthy partner in Southeast Europe for energy brokers and charterers. What sets Navmar apart from other traders in the region is our deep understanding of the logistic market and commodities one tighter with the ability to capitalize on opportunities. We have an experienced team who monitor the regional oil market 24/7 to make informed decisions and execute profitable trades. Our commitment to quality control, environmental diligence, safety regulations, and risk management always ensures safe and efficient delivery to customers. Navmar’s uncompromising commitment to sustainability and transparency is the key to fostering trust and mutual respect, as well as building long-term relationships with our clients.

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