Joining a tonnage pool opens up a wider trading geography and cargo basket, ensures regular and stable earnings for the vessel and gives owners access to combined resources and knowledge

Pool Supervision 1


Besides ensuring the client’s rights and obligations, Navmar focuses on the mechanisms for equitable distribution of revenue while ensuring a level playing field for all members of the pool

As the owner’s representative, Navmar is always alert about the inner workings of a pool for the purpose of safeguarding the client’s commercial interests and limiting their financial exposure. We will keep tabs on the day-to-day activities of the pool administrator, regularly reviewing Bills of Lading and Letters of Indemnity to ensure these were correctly drafted with the necessary clauses as well as remaining aware of any discrepancies during loading and discharge of cargo. Among our many responsibilities as commercial manager, we keep on the latest market and trade intelligence so that we are able to cross-check whether the pool administration is ensuring the best possible deal for the vessel and giving the best possible revenue opportunities. Our Commercial Services department provides 24/7 support to guarantee owners derive the rightful benefits of joining a pool and maximise their revenue potential.

Protecting owner from the risks of collective asset management

There are both benefits and drawbacks to joining a vessel pool in today’s marketplace and Navmar’s assurance is that we keep our clients fully informed on both positions and help make them a suitable decision depending on their requirements. Undoubtedly, join a pool can have several advantages in terms of minimizing idle time and maximizing cost and revenue potential. A wider trading geography means the vessel means is always in employment on behalf of a wider spectrum of possible customers and this energises the cash flow. Not only do big charterers and multinational traders prefer to deal with a larger fleet, they see obvious benefits in signing long term contracts when more vessels are made available for their shipment. Pools also have higher visibility and easier access to the charter market.

Of course, there are disadvantages of joining a pool. An individual owner seldom has comfortable elbow room to manoeuvre and must conform to the pool’s operating objectives and policies. Pooling is meant to safeguard an owner’s interests but conflicts of interest do arise and the dominant players in the pool may cherry pick the better business opportunities and leave the crumbs for the small owners. There is also the risk of owners becoming too dependent on the pool and lose touch with its primary market. As Commercial Managers to the owner, Navmar helps take steps to minimise the costs and consequences of any negligence on the part of the pool administration.

Pool Supervision 2

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Navmar Payroll & Opex 2

Payroll & Opex

Ship managers compete on cost efficiency. Yet, how is this possible when the business of running a vessel itself is becoming more expensive every year? We focus on delivering value for money instead – better services, efficient data-backed decision-making and accurate risk forecasts that help eliminate avoidable expenditure.

Navmay Risk & Insurance 2

Risk & Insurance

Our crew welfare programme aims at providing shipboard personnel with the same quality of assurance that we offer our top executives and shore staff. Besides the mandatory health, accident and disability insurance during the voyage, we provide year-round insurance cover for the seafarer and their immediate family.

Navmar Shipping Agency 2

Shipping Agency

Besides berthing, husbandry, bunkering, stevedoring, port operations and freight forwarding, Navmar’s agency department provides exclusive liner agency services for major carriers offering connections to Southeast European ports. We secure bookings from local shippers as well as carry out marketing and sales on behalf of the carriers.

Navmar Voyage Planning 2

Voyage Planning

Voyage planning is time-consuming, repetitive and frequently prone to human error. At Navmar, we streamline the process and minimize administrative chores by employing a range of digital tools that require fewer onboard manhours and make passages safer and more predictable for our ships and crew.

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