Beyond management systems, ISM codes, best practices, state-of-the-art technology and managerial diligence, safety and quality depend on the people involved and the work culture in which they thrive

Quality-safety objectives

Our pursuit to exceed quality benchmarks and optimise performance is achieved by a meticulous understanding of client needs through transparent and trust-building collaboration

We believe it is possible to dramatically minimize the risks of accidents and human error by adopting a framework of quality and safety practices inspired by the experience and learning of industry leaders, and disseminating this knowhow through a companywide training programme to achieve our objectives of predictability in our operations. Safety works when everybody responsible for ensuring it is equally on board, both in their skills and in their understanding of and commitment to the common cause. To make this possible with every engagement, we have adopted safety and quality as core components of our commitment to clients and their business outcomes. As a future-facing vessel operator, we understand how important it is to allow our people to assume leadership and achieve the safety and quality targets that are so important in our business.
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Quality through leadership

Navmar embraces quality as a matter of policy, beyond the requirements of certification and compliance and more aligned to achieving business objectives and client satisfaction. Our quality management systems are regularly monitored and upgraded with the help of industry feedback and trends, incorporating changes and tine tuning processes as and when necessary. We believe in achieving quality in everything we do.

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Quality & Safety

Our quality parameters are defined to seamlessly achieve operational safety as well as ensure predictability, efficiency, optimum performance and customer satisfaction. Often this translates into maintaining a high level of flexibility when it comes to customizing the breadth and scope of our quality initiatives to suit the varying needs of different owners and their fleet size and conditions

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Navmar is a proven and trusted name in specialist business services, with a client-centric approach to providing expertise in shipping, marine engineering, construction, and business services. Our unwavering commitment to efficiency, professionalism and client satisfaction drives us to provide bespoke solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients and the industry at large. We champion clean fuel initiatives in the maritime industry and fully support the 2050 emission targets set forth by IMO.