Reputation sensitive big business will use its financial clout to demand accountability and transparency from their trading partners. The shipping industry should realise it’s a matter of time before it is compelled to become more transparent

Transparency is good for business

Lack of transparency hurts the entire industry, whereas transparency in business can be a competitive advantage in securing risk-adjusted insurance cover and access to liquidity
Shipping remains a secretive industry. Traders and cargo owners are often willing to turn a blind eye to nefarious practices in the industry to keep the supply chain moving. But lack of transparency can become a financial and reputation handicap even for the biggest names in the industry, forcing stakeholders, banks and publicly-traded companies to shun shady deals and unscrupulous practices. As the global economy becomes more open, new technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts will help enforce transparency and accountability down the line. Navmar believes our industry can no longer afford to ignore the call for greater transparency and accountability without risking irreversible damage to credibility and reputation. Shipping and bunkering companies will have to fall in line and open up to wider scrutiny. Operators will have to play a significant role in making this happen. Adopting transparency will improve a company’s reputation in terms of professionalism and competence.
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Internal reporting is a significant driver of improvement. Since the launch of ESG reporting guidelines for shipping and offshore, environmental, social and governance issues have become central to how shipping companies are run. At Navmar, we understand the significance of reporting and make it a point to implement comprehensive internal reporting standards help us be a little better every day.

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Transparency & Reporting

Transparency and reporting are inseparable in helping build trust with external and internal stakeholders. Matters of safety, security, performance, fuel use, emissions, handling of dangerous or unstable cargo as well as crew well-being and morale are all critical influencers of decision-making in the shipping industry. We work to spread information wider to achieve a more inclusive and informed outcomes.

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